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Innovating for impact: Impax and the World Bank

From empowering women to improving access to clean water and reducing emissions, our collaboration with the World Bank has produced fixed income securities targeting gender and climate-related goals

19 May 2023
ByAnthony Trzcinka, CFA®

Engaging for greater gender equality among Asian companies

Rising investor and regulator pressure on companies is encouraging, but the region’s pipeline of women in leadership must be developed

10 May 2023
ByNana Li

Biodiversity investing standards picking up steam

Published by CleanTechIQ, featuring Julie Gorte, Ph.D.

2 May 2023

The transition will not be televised – Prospects for clean power in the US

In this video, Charlie Donovan explains what is driving the clean energy transition in the US and the emerging role of storage and transformation technologies

28 Apr 2023
ByCharlie Donovan

The transition will not be televised – Part 2

In the latest instalment of this series, we discuss the prospects for emerging technologies that can store and transform clean electricity

In the latest installment of this series, we discuss the prospects for emerging technologies that can store and transform clean electricity

20 Apr 2023
ByCharlie DonovanJulie Gorte, Ph.D.

Pricing physical climate risk – two sectors in the spotlight

A collaboration with Oxford academics evaluated assets at risk in the data centre and semiconductor industries using GRII data

18 Apr 2023
ByMatthew Wright

An Introduction to the Impax Sustainability Lens

A proprietary tool that helps identify areas of the market where opportunities outweigh risks

13 Apr 2023

How innovative Asian firms have conquered niche environmental solutions

The rapid electrification of the car market illustrates global opportunities for the region’s technological leaders.

29 Mar 2023
ByOscar YangPaul Peng

ESG thinking: assessing risks and opportunities in the transition to a more sustainable economy

Why Biden was right to veto legislation that would preclude ESG factors from investment decision-making in US retirement plans

24 Mar 2023
ByIan SimmJoseph Keefe

Water quality: a critical pillar of biodiversity

Solutions to the interrelated challenges of water quality and biodiversity loss.

22 Mar 2023
ByLisa BeauvilainJohan Florén

Asset TV’s 2023 Outlook Masterclass features Impax Portfolio Manager

In Asset TV’s 2023 Outlook Masterclass, Impax Portfolio Manager Andy Braun notes the themes that he believes will shape capital markets in the year ahead – and the risks and opportunities investors should be aware of related to the transition to a more sustainable economy.

9 Feb 2023
ByAndrew Braun

From seed to supper: opportunities in food waste mitigation

Innovative companies are making the food and agricultural sector more efficient. 

6 Feb 2023
ByAgne Rackauskaite

Sustainability disclosure regimes must be better aligned

The FCA’s proposed Sustainability Disclosure Requirements would introduce unnecessary complexity for investors

30 Jan 2023
ByChris Dodwell

‘Weeding out’ not-quite-so green bonds

The additionality and environmental credentials of each issuance must be scrutinised.

25 Jan 2023
ByAnthony Trzcinka, CFA®Greg Hasevlat

Natural selection: the investment case for addressing biodiversity loss

In this Q&A, Lisa Beauvilain and Chris Dodwell explain why biodiversity loss is critically important for investors to consider, and how investment opportunities are arising from reducing pressure on the natural world.

20 Jan 2023
ByChris DodwellLisa Beauvilain

What is Sustainable Allocation? A balancing act in turbulent times

After a challenging year for both equities and bonds, have traditional approaches to asset allocation had their day?

5 Jan 2023
BySteve Falci, CFA®Anthony Trzcinka, CFA®Andrew Braun

The Department of Labor is Right: Sustainability Factors are Material

19 Dec 2022
ByJoseph KeefeJulie Gorte, Ph.D.

Outlook 2023: Why testing times call for sustainable solutions

The macroeconomic backdrop in 2023 will be a real test for companies, with the impetus for authentic solutions to sustainability challenges being greater than ever.

12 Dec 2022
ByCharles FrenchKirsteen MorrisonNathan Moser, CFA®Chris DodwellJulie Gorte, Ph.D.Charlie Donovan

New name, same philosophy

22 Nov 2022
ByIan Simm

Q&A with Joe Keefe: Renaming the Pax World Funds

22 Nov 2022
ByJoseph Keefe