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Rani Borkar

Mission First, People Always

A Q&A with Microsoft’s Rani Borkar

25 Feb 2021
ByJenifer Cannon

China’s Five-Year Plan: an important step on the path towards net zero?

All eyes are now on Beijing’s next Five-Year Plan, which will be unveiled in March. Environmental objectives are expected to feature prominently; so, what policy buttons will China press to achieve its 2060 net-zero target?

12 Feb 2021
ByDavid LiOscar Yang

Making green taxonomies less taxing: lessons from the last 20 years

As politicians unveil new environmental policies and business leaders seek recognition for their latest low-carbon commitments, others are wrestling with what “green” actually means.

9 Feb 2021
ByIan Simm

Financing the Transition to a More Sustainable Economy

In this article, we discuss Impax’s sustainable fixed income approach in context of the transition to a more sustainable global economy and the rapidly evolving impact bond market.

1 Feb 2021
ByAnthony Trzcinka, CFA®Peter Schwab, CFA®Yvonne TaiGreg Hasevlat
Washington DC

Climate-Ready: Biden-Harris Picks Reflect Big Plans for Climate Action

President Biden’s appointees and cabinet nominees have deep experience, but will that be enough to deliver his administration’s audacious climate plan?

20 Jan 2021
ByJoseph Keefe
screws all together in a pattern

Impax Enhances Sustainability Profiles of Three Pax World Funds

Changes reflect the Funds’ focus on investing in the transition to a more sustainable economy.

15 Jan 2021
ByJoseph Keefe
rear view mirror in car

A Year of Awakenings

Joe Keefe reflects on 2020 and the hopeful signals for the year ahead.

14 Dec 2020
ByJoseph Keefe

2021: Back to a sustainable future?

Here we examine our selection of the themes that will guide the transition to a more sustainable economy in 2021.

10 Dec 2020
ByIan SimmJoseph KeefeBruce Jenkyn-JonesLisa Beauvilain

4th Annual Impax Invest in Women Symposium

The 2020 symposium featured multiple keynotes and panel sessions. It was a forum for some of our best discussions yet.

9 Nov 2020

The White House versus the Senate – where next for US climate policy?

A new dawn for U.S. climate policy? Joe Keefe explores how the Biden administration could proceed with a new climate agenda.

6 Nov 2020
ByJoseph KeefeJoseph Keefe

The Financial Impact of Diversity

The relationship between diversity and financial performance is supported by literature that is expanding not only in depth, but in breadth, encompassing many more forms of diversity than gender alone, and expanding to many measures of corporate prosperity than just profits.

Pax World Funds Investment Outlook: Fourth Quarter 2020

In this quarter’s commentary, we share perspectives on systemic risks, including pandemic risk, climate risk, biodiversity loss, and racial and gender discrimination and inequality. All these issues have spread quickly around the globe, and all of them have and will continue to affect the economy and financial markets.

15 Oct 2020
BySteve Falci, CFA®Julie Gorte, Ph.D.

The physical risks of climate change: building a resilient response

Reflecting on last week’s Climate Week 2020, I’m struck by what a crucial period we are entering for our global response to climate change.

2 Oct 2020
ByIan Simm

An Introduction to the Impax Sustainability Lens

A tool that helps us focus on sectors where the opportunities outweigh the risks.

29 Sep 2020
Washington DC street with Ruth Bader Ginsberg caricature on side of brick building

Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Few Justices in history have affected more constitutional change in a lifetime than the notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

24 Sep 2020
ByJoseph KeefeJoseph Keefe

Physical Climate Risks

Designing a resilient response to the inevitable impact of climate change

Five years old: what has been the impact of the SDGs?

This week marks five years since the United Nations agreed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

22 Sep 2020
ByLisa Beauvilain

Impact @ Impax 2020

Welcome to Impact @ Impax 2020. This is the sixth annual publication we have produced that discloses the quantified environmental benefits linked to our clients’ investments in our portfolio companies.

Where next for the transition to a more sustainable economy?

At the heart of our investment philosophy lies the search for resilient businesses set to thrive in the transition to a more sustainable economy.

17 Sep 2020
ByIan SimmChris Dodwell

Impax receives top PRI scores

Impax has been awarded A+ and A scores across all applicable categories in the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) assessment report of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) integration efforts.

18 Aug 2020