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Greening The Real Economy – A Investors Perspective on Pathways to Net Zero

15 Oct 2021
ByChris Dodwell
Washington DC - Capitol Building - Autumn

Congress Must Pass ‘Build Back Better’ Package and Spur Climate Investments

Impax urges the US House and Senate to finalize the Build Back Better Act.

5 Oct 2021
ByJoseph Keefe

The countdown to COP26

As the UN climate summit approaches, we reflect on action that we advocate to get on track for global net zero

24 Sep 2021
ByChris Dodwell
business people in a meeting

The Business Case for Diversity: 2021 Update

A look at the latest findings amid the ever-growing body of research showing the positive effects of diversity in business.

14 Sep 2021
ByJulie Gorte, Ph.D.

Q&A: Meet Christine Cappabianca

Christine Cappabianca joined the Impax team in June as a Portfolio Manager of the firm’s systematic strategies.

8 Sep 2021
ByChristine Cappabianca

50 Years of Sustainable Investing

The Pax Sustainable Allocation Fund turns 50

19 Aug 2021
ByJoseph Keefe

The next economy is sustainable

We believe society is in transition, from an old economy built on a depletive model, to the next economy built on a sustainable model. Are your investments changing?

18 Aug 2021
water and sky with wispy clouds

Sustainability Oversight

Miriam Benarey describes how a combination of analysis, research and direct dialogue provide Impax with a deep understanding of companies.

5 Aug 2021
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Disclosure Is Trending

Heather Smith discusses progress on board diversity and pay equity engagements, as well as companies’ new willingness to disclose employee demographic data — what’s driving that and why she hopes it will become a long-term trend.

21 Jul 2021

Responding to climate change – the “net-zero aligned” financial institution

Against a backdrop of rising pressure to respond to climate change, financial institutions, including asset owners and asset managers, (“FIs”) are facing calls to declare themselves as net zero (“NZ”).

9 Jul 2021
ByIan SimmChris Dodwell

Engagement Results

Our Engagement Report 2021 is now available.

2 Jul 2021
ByLisa BeauvilainJulie Gorte, Ph.D.

Water: from a systemic and unpriced risk to a measurable opportunity with positive impact

In the autumn of 2018, Impax partnered with Swedish public pension fund Sjunde AP-fonden, “AP7” to investigate how best to assess, measure and report on water impact.

Impax Asset Management Engagement Report – 2021

We engage with the companies in our portfolios in an effort to make them more sustainable, resilient long-term investments.

29 Jun 2021

Climate-aware investing in today’s credit markets

Many sectors within the high-yield debt market are primed to benefit from the transition to a lower carbon economy.

28 Jun 2021
ByPeter Schwab, CFA®

Sustainable investment opportunities in Asia

David Li, Senior Portfolio Manager, discusses opportunities in Asia’s environmental markets and some of the broader investment themes.

2 Jun 2021
ByDavid Li

Corporate net zero: we need a more sophisticated approach

The private sector holds the key to decarbonising the economy over the next quarter century.

26 Apr 2021
ByIan Simm

Impax High Yield Bond Strategy Q1 2021 Review and Update [Webcast]

22 Apr 2021
ByChris RooneyPeter Schwab, CFA®
Washington DC cherry blossoms dusk

Climate Action: President Biden’s First 100 Days Bring Historic Reset

Joe Keefe discusses Washington’s new momentum on climate change.

19 Apr 2021
ByJoseph Keefe
binary data

Built-in Bias: What Investors Should Know

How companies and investors can spot bias in technology and take steps to eradicate it.

29 Mar 2021
ByJulie Gorte, Ph.D.David Loehwing

Liquid asset: transforming water from a systemic and unpriced global risk to a measurable opportunity

Water is a human necessity, but it is also a systemic and unpriced global challenge with significant economic and societal risks.

22 Mar 2021
ByLisa Beauvilain