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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Market Perspective from Impax

Perspective on the impact of the Russia-Ukraine crisis on the economy and markets

7 Jun 2022
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Net positive: An investor audience with Paul Polman

The former Unilever chief executive outlined his vision for companies to tackle global sustainability challenges at an event celebrating the 20th anniversary of Impax Environmental Markets plc

1 Jun 2022

The 20-Year Growth of Environmental Markets

31 May 2022
ByBruce Jenkyn-JonesMeg BrownSiddharth JhaEvie PatersonJon Forster
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A well-conceived rule, with room for improvement

Our reaction to the SEC’s proposed climate disclosures rulemaking

25 May 2022
ByJulie Gorte, Ph.D.

Equipment for hire: Opportunities in the sharing economy

In this article, we discuss where we perceive opportunities in the emerging sharing economy and how equipment rental can contribute to a more sustainable, circular economic model.

27 Apr 2022
ByLisa BeauvilainEvie Paterson

Norsk Omipower – a small-scale hydropower case study

This short film (9 mins) describes Impax’s investment thesis and approach to building its portfolio of small-scale hydropower projects in Norway.

26 Apr 2022

Q&A with Impax Gender Analytics Team

In this Q&A, Kelly Baldoni interviewed two of our gender lens investing experts, Heather Smith and David Loehwing to discuss the process of creating the Impax Gender Score and to share their insights on the growing opportunity for gender lens investors.

12 Apr 2022
ByKelly Baldoni

Software as an environmental solution: ‘eating’ the world or saving it?

In this podcast, we discuss how software plays a growing role in tackling environmental issues and the opportunities this can create for investors focused on the transition to a more sustainable economy

4 Apr 2022
ByLisa BeauvilainFotis ChatzimichalakisDavid WinborneAdam Palin

An opportunity for clearer water reporting

Will the emerging global sustainability reporting standards plug the gaps by capturing the importance of local context, materiality and solutions?

22 Mar 2022
ByLisa BeauvilainJohan Florén
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What investors need from corporate climate disclosures

Here’s what we hope the SEC will include in its climate disclosure rule.

21 Mar 2022
ByJulie Gorte, Ph.D.

The future of moving from A to B: Accelerating the EV transition

As the shift to electric vehicles reshapes the future of personal mobility, we consider opportunities in the technologies that will propel autonomous and connected EVs into the mainstream

16 Mar 2022
ByDavid WinborneJustin Winter

Why market turmoil and war in Ukraine will not derail the sustainable transition

Rising inflation and tightening monetary policy have hit global equities, but forces driving the shift towards a sustainable economy remain strong

11 Mar 2022
ByIan Simm

Just too complex? Addressing biodiversity loss and the role of investors

Given nature’s critical role in underpinning our health and prosperity, there is no time to waste in reversing its destruction.

3 Feb 2022
ByIan SimmJulie Gorte, Ph.D.Chris Dodwell

5th Annual Invest in Women Symposium: Session Replays

During the 2021 Impax Invest in Women Symposium, leading experts in gender lens investing explored the latest developments plus enduring themes of interest to all who invest in women and equality.

27 Jan 2022

The financial impacts of climate change: 2022 update

This paper looks at recent findings on the performance of portfolios and companies that lean into the transition to a low- or no-carbon economy.

26 Jan 2022
ByJulie Gorte, Ph.D.

Making equality mainstream

What we hope to see as US federal agencies execute the National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality

3 Jan 2022
ByJulie Gorte, Ph.D.

Insights from COP26

Key outcomes and implications for investors.

13 Dec 2021
ByIan SimmChris Dodwell

Outlook 2022: The journey towards a sustainable economy takes flight

From ambitious climate pledges to inflationary and supply chain pressures, here are the key themes that we believe will shape global markets over the coming year.

8 Dec 2021
ByBruce Jenkyn-JonesHubert AartsChris DodwellJulie Gorte, Ph.D.Joseph KeefeKirsteen MorrisonOscar Yang

COP26: Key outcomes and implications for investors

We believe COP26 has renewed confidence in an accelerated transition towards net zero

7 Dec 2021

Foundations for global net zero: An investor’s reflections on COP26

With the UN COP26 climate summit now behind us, it’s time to assess what has changed and, crucially, what should happen next. 

22 Nov 2021
ByIan Simm