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Close up shot of glass bottles, ampules and syringe with needle.

Disrupting the inefficient healthcare system

World-leading innovation means the US is home to a breadth of exciting – and under-researched – smaller healthcare companies that are improving outcomes for patients and providers

22 February 2024
ByNathan Moser, CFA®
Bald eagle flying by mountain over water in Alaska

America should be the eagle, not the ostrich, of the clean energy transition

With US jobs, leadership and investment returns at stake, we must embrace the transition to a cleaner, more resilient economy

20 February 2024
ByEd Farrington

Electricity networks: the new pipelines of the global economy

An expected doubling of the world’s grids by 2050 is creating compelling opportunities for companies with the materials and know-how to create a new backbone for the global energy system

15 February 2024
ByCharlie DonovanHarry BoyleWilliam Grey
Plastic medical waste bin with phials

Plastic surgery: cutting healthcare waste

Circular innovations are reducing hospitals’ environmental impacts – and lowering costs

6 February 2024
ByJoseph Cordi, CFA®
Closeup of aligned CPU chips with water drops

Quenching the semiconductor industry’s thirst

Innovative technologies are reducing the environmental impact of a water-intensive industry critical to the modern economy

23 January 2024
ByJustin Winter
Reflection of Sky in Solar Array Panels, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Asset managers urged to boost government outreach to drive climate solutions investments

Published by CleanTechIQ, featuring Chris Dodwell and Charlie Donovan

17 January 2024
ByChris DodwellCharlie Donovan
Low angle view of tree against clear sky

A farewell message from Joe Keefe, President, Impax North America

16 January 2024
ByJoseph Keefe
Cityscape during sunrise with COP28 logo overlay

COP28: Reflections and implications for investors

In this video, Chris Dodwell discusses the implications of the COP28 climate summit, reflecting on the impact of a net-zero roadmap for the global food system

10 January 2024
ByChris Dodwell
Brightly lit in vibrant aqua, translucent tubes of material for contact lenses

Take good care: investing in enhanced wellbeing

From hearing aids to vitamins, solutions that boost wellness can tap into growing demand

2 January 2024
ByMackenzie ClarkAlyna Shamsi
Timelapse, multicolored starburst from flying sparks

Investing in gender equity is smart investing

Specific practices advancing gender equity provide a window into culture, and stronger cultures contribute to better performance.

13 December 2023
ByJoseph Keefe
Lonesome tree, scenic view of lake against sky during sunset, United Kingdom, UK

Outlook 2024: Why prospects for a more sustainable economy remain undimmed

We share our perspectives on key themes that we believe will shape opportunities in global markets in 2024 and beyond.

12 December 2023
ByHubert AartsLisa BeauvilainCharlie DonovanCharles FrenchJulie Gorte, Ph.D.Luciano Lilloy, CFA®Kirsteen MorrisonShahbano Soomro
Cityscape during sunrise with COP28 logo overlay

COP28: Where progress is really needed

Five important outcomes that we believe must emerge from this UN climate summit.

1 December 2023
ByChris Dodwell
Aerial panorama of a wind turbine on the ocean

Offshore wind can soar once choppy waters calm

Dislocation in the offshore wind market creates investment opportunities

1 December 2023
ByWilliam GreyCharlie DonovanHarry Boyle
Solar panel with reflections of the sky clouds and sun rays

Is the ‘rooftop revolution’ in solar energy over?

The US residential solar market has faced recent setbacks, but structural drivers for long-term performance remain intact

22 November 2023
ByJon ForsterMaximilian RichardsThomas Morris BrownCharlie Donovan
Southern right whale breaching off the coast of Argentina

Impact Report 2023

Measuring contributions to the transition to a more sustainable economy

30 October 2023
ByLisa Beauvilain
High angle shot of male and female friends studying at home in Brooklyn, New York

Opportunities in advancing more inclusive careers

Innovative learning, recruitment and childcare solutions hold the key to unlocking more equal access to opportunities

23 October 2023
ByAmber Fairbanks, CFA®Charles French
Low angle view of smart services ceiling installation.

Buildings are becoming more efficient – but not quickly enough

‘Smart buildings’ software can help enable progress towards alignment with net-zero targets

18 October 2023
ByFotis Chatzimichalakis, CFA®Luciano Lilloy, CFA®
Trees on the Walakiri beach, Indonesia

Unpacking the ‘how to’ conversation at Climate Week NYC

While some climate-related challenges have known solutions, like the transition to clean energy, others – like biodiversity loss – are barely even understood

5 October 2023
ByIan Simm

The transition will not be televised – Part 3

In the final installment of this series, we discuss how emerging clean energy technologies are disrupting US energy consumptionIn the final instalment of this series, we discuss how emerging clean energy technologies are disrupting US energy consumption

18 September 2023
ByCharlie DonovanRobb Ruhr, CFA®

Climate change: the impact for investors

Reviewing the research that demonstrates the financial materiality of physical, transition and adaptation risks to companies, issuers and their investors

15 September 2023
ByJulie Gorte, Ph.D.Charlie Donovan