Founded in 1998, Impax Asset Management has pioneered investment in the transition to a more sustainable global economy and today is one of the largest investment managers dedicated to this area.

A short introduction to Impax

Why Impax?

An acknowledged global leader

We are one of the largest and longest established investors dedicated to investing in the transition to a more sustainable economy, and we manage assets for some of the world’s largest investors.

Partnership with our clients

We are committed to outstanding levels of client service with comprehensive and transparent reporting. We also continue to evolve our thought leadership work, stewardship and engagement and our ground-breaking impact reporting.

Commitment to our values and our stakeholders

Sustainability is important to us. We ensure our investee companies meet our rigorous ESG requirements and we hold ourselves accountable to the same high standards. We measure our own environmental footprint annually and aspire to run our business in line with best practices of governance, diversity and inclusion.

We value our commitment to our philanthropic partners. Our strong financial results allow us to support these partners both financially and through direct participation.

Our investment strategies

We offer a range of investment solutions, which provide opportunities to invest in the transition to a more sustainable economy. Each is underpinned by proven, proprietary investment tools.

  • Sustainability Lens Strategies: The Impax Sustainability Lens translates our investment beliefs into a practical investment tool to help our teams identify the winners and avoid the losers in the transition to a more sustainable economy.
  • Environmental Markets Strategies: Our strong conviction is that population dynamics, resource scarcity, inadequate infrastructure and environmental constraints will create high growth investment opportunities in companies offering products and services to solve these challenges.
  • New Energy Strategy: We are one of the longest established fund managers in the large and rapidly growing renewable energy sector. The firm manages three new energy funds that follow an industrially-focused value-add strategy, investing in renewable power generation and related assets.
  • Gender Lens Strategies: We have two strategies using the Gender Leadership Index to identify a universe of companies led by women. We manage one systematic and one active strategy.
  • SmartCarbonTM Strategies: SmartCarbon™ is a proprietary, risk-based investment approach for managing exposure to companies with fossil fuel reserves on their balance sheets. SmartCarbon™ is applied across this range of systematic strategies.
  • Multi-Asset Strategies: A risk-focused asset allocation strategy offering a diversified portfolio of Impax strategies invested in the transition to a more sustainable economy.

Our fund ranges

  • Impax Funds Ireland plc: UCITS fund range which enables access to our London managed Listed Equity strategies
  • Impax Environmental Markets plc: A closed end investment company listed on the London Stock Exchange which was launched in 2002.
  • Impax New Energy Funds: Private funds for institutional investors to access our Renewable Energy Infrastructure Capabilities
  • Impax Funds: Mutual funds, advised by Impax, which are available to US investors.
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