A-Share Sales Charge Breakpoints

$0-$49,999$50,000-$99,999$100,000-$249,999$250,000-$499,999$500,000-$999,999$1 Million and Over
Impax Small Cap Fund5.50%4.50%3.50%2.50%2.00%1.00% CDSC (contingent deferred sales charge) may be charged on any shares sold within
18 months of purchase over $1 million.
Impax US Sustainable Economy Fund5.50%4.50%3.50%2.50%2.00%
Impax Global Environmental Markets Fund5.50%4.50%3.50%2.50%2.00%
Impax High Yield Bond Fund4.50%3.75%3.25%2.50%2.00%

Dealer Compensation

$0-$49,999$50,000-$99,999$100,000-$249,999$250,000-$499,999$500,000-$999,999$1,000,000 or more Finder’s Fee
Impax Small Cap Fund4.75%3.75%2.75%2.00%1.60%Commissions (up to 1.00%) are paid to dealers who initiate and are responsible for certain Class A share purchases not subject to initial sales charges.
Impax US Sustainable Economy Fund4.75%3.75%2.75%2.00%1.60%
Impax Global Environmental Markets Fund4.75%3.75%2.75%2.00%1.60%
Impax High Yield Bond Fund4.00%3.25%2.75%2.00%1.75%


In addition to the broker reallowance, all A share trades pay monthly dealer compensation based on a 25 basis point annualized rate.
Investor shares pay monthly dealer compensation on an annual rate of 25 basis points.

These purchases consist of purchases of $1 million or more, purchases by employer-sponsored defined contribution-type retirement plans investing $1 million or more or with 100 or more eligible employees, and purchases made at net asset value by certain retirement plans, endowments and foundations with assets of $50 million or more. Commissions on such investments (other than IRA rollover assets that roll over at no sales charge under the Funds’ IRA rollover policy as described in the prospectus) are paid to dealers at the following rates: 1.00% on amounts of less than $4 million, 0.50% on amounts of at least $4 million but less than $10 million and 0.25% on amounts of at least $10 million. Commissions are based on cumulative investments over the life of the account with no adjustment for redemptions, transfers, or market declines. For example, if a shareholder has accumulated investments in excess of $4 million (but less than $10 million) and subsequently redeems all or a portion of the account(s), purchases following the redemption will generate a dealer commission of 0.50%.

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