Our Value of “Building a common future” recognises that we have a responsibility to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. We are committed to sustainable development, and to stewarding our environmental and societal impact for the benefit of current and future generations.

Impax supports four strategic partners which align to our mission as specialists in the transition to a more sustainable economy; three focus on climate, and one on equity, diversity & inclusion (E,D&I).

Our relationship goes beyond just financial support; we believe these partnerships help to build our own thought leadership and supports our colleagues’ personal development leading to increased employee engagement.

  • Ashden champions practical, local energy solutions that cut greenhouse gas emissions, protect the environment, reduce poverty and improve people’s lives. Over the last decade we have sponsored the Ashden Awards and are currently the proud supporters of the Ashden Award for Climate Innovation in the UK. Every year several of our colleagues are involved in the evaluation and judging of the award submissions, as well as on-going mentoring and support work with previous award winners.
  • Since 2016, Impax has supported ClientEarth, a not-for-profit environmental law organisation which uses the power of the law to protect people and the planet. ClientEarth is well known for its stand against the UK government on urban air pollution and, more recently, its legal action which helped put an end to Poland’s last planned coal plant.
  • Ceres is a non-profit organisation transforming the economy to build a just and sustainable future, addressing the world’s greatest sustainability challenges through collaborations with leaders in business, government, and finance. We joined the Ceres Investor Network in 2013.  Our grants and in-kind assistance have enabled Ceres’ expert teams to run major research and analysis programmes and share their findings with investment leaders and the public.
  • We are members of Diversity Project, a cross-company initiative championing a more inclusive culture within the savings and investment profession. Our involvement in its Gender and Race & Ethnicity workstreams has led to our lead sponsorship of the City Hive 2021 Cross Company Mentoring Scheme in association with #TalkAboutBlack. The mentoring scheme aims to improve the representation of women, and people from racial and ethnic minority backgrounds within our industry. Through matching people from different backgrounds, roles and experience, the scheme aims to nurture learning and encourage new perspectives within the asset management sector.
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