Our Value of “Building a common future” recognises that we have a responsibility to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. We are committed to sustainable development, and to stewarding our environmental and societal impact for the benefit of current and future generations.

Impax supports a small number of strategic community partners which align to our mission as specialists in the transition to a more sustainable economy. These partners support the issues related to the environment and social inclusion, with a particular focus on education and green skills.

  • Ashden champions practical, local energy solutions that cut greenhouse gas emissions, protect the environment, reduce poverty and improve people’s lives. Over the last decade we have sponsored the Ashden Awards and are currently the proud supporters of the Ashden Award for Climate Innovation in the UK. Every year several of our colleagues are involved in the evaluation and judging of the award submissions, as well as on-going mentoring and support work with previous award winners.
  • Since 2016, Impax has supported ClientEarth, a not-for-profit environmental law organisation which uses the power of the law to protect people and the planet. ClientEarth is well known for its stand against the UK government on urban air pollution and, more recently, its legal action which helped put an end to Poland’s last planned coal plant.
  • Ceres is a non-profit organisation transforming the economy to build a just and sustainable future, addressing the world’s greatest sustainability challenges through collaborations with leaders in business, government, and finance. We joined the Ceres Investor Network in 2013. Our grants and in-kind assistance have enabled Ceres’ expert teams to run major research and analysis programmes and share their findings with investment leaders and the public.
  • Country Trust is a leading UK educational charity that believes that every child should discover at first-hand the connections between the food they eat, their own health and the health of the planet through food, farming and countryside experiences. The Impax Food Discovery Programme helps more than 450 children in 10 schools to get hands-on with the living world, to learn practical skills, and to begin to discover where our food comes from, and how food, and food production is connected to health and sustainability.
  • Groundwork is a federation of charities mobilising practical community action on poverty and the environment across the UK. Our partnership supports 10 disadvantaged young people into jobs in the green economy in Yorkshire through the Green Jobs Pathfinder, aiming to create accessible pathways into entry-level green roles, increase the diversity of people pursuing green careers, and help ‘left-behind’ places to thrive through a green economy. Impax supports the training and wages for their employment in a sheltered environment provided by Groundwork pre-employment and in their first 6 months.
  • The Pax Scholarship Program honours our Pax World Funds heritage by awarding annual scholarships to three New Hampshire-based educational and non-profit institutions promoting sustainable finance, advancing women and girls, and fostering global peace. The programme aims to serve young leaders from around the world at three institutions:
    • Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire
    • New Hampshire Women’s Foundation
    • Friends Forever International
  • We are also supporters of a number of organisations which promote equity, diversity and inclusion (E,D&I). See here for more details.
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