Global leaders and policymakers came together at the UN COP26 conference with the task of making the Paris climate goals, negotiated in 2015, a reality.

Impax is a strong advocate of collaboration between the policy and investment communities. As such we sent a delegation to the host city of Glasgow, where Ian Simm, founder and chief executive, and Chris Dodwell, head of policy and advocacy, participated in policy debates.

We have been sharing our written perspectives here during COP26, and we will continue to in the aftermath of the global climate summit.

Insights from COP26

Key outcomes and implications for investors.

13 December 2021
ByIan SimmChris Dodwell

COP26: Key outcomes and implications for investors

We believe COP26 has renewed confidence in an accelerated transition towards net zero

7 December 2021

Foundations for global net zero: An investor’s reflections on COP26

With the UN COP26 climate summit now behind us, it’s time to assess what has changed and, crucially, what should happen next. 

22 November 2021
ByIan Simm

Impax calls for policy roadmaps towards net-zero

22 November 2021

COP26: Our Call for Action

In this short film (6 mins) shown at COP26, Chris Dodwell articulates the actions that we believe governments, companies and finance should take to accelerate progress towards global net zero.

8 November 2021

Backing natural solutions to the climate challenge

Environmental degradation has brought us close to irreversible tipping points for nature.

6 November 2021
ByChris Dodwell

Greening the real economy: An investor’s perspective on COP26

19 October 2021
ByIan Simm

The countdown to COP26

As the UN climate summit approaches, we reflect on action that we advocate to get on track for global net zero

24 September 2021
ByChris Dodwell

Our people at COP26


Our thinking on climate finance

Responding to climate change – the “net-zero aligned” financial institution

Against a backdrop of rising pressure to respond to climate change, financial institutions, including asset owners and asset managers, (“FIs”) are facing calls to declare themselves as net zero (“NZ”).

9 July 2021
ByIan SimmChris Dodwell

Corporate net zero: we need a more sophisticated approach

The private sector holds the key to decarbonising the economy over the next quarter century.

26 April 2021
ByIan Simm

Making green taxonomies less taxing: lessons from the last 20 years

As politicians unveil new environmental policies and business leaders seek recognition for their latest low-carbon commitments, others are wrestling with what “green” actually means.

9 February 2021
ByIan Simm

Physical Climate Risks

Designing a resilient response to the inevitable impact of climate change

24 September 2020

Clean Investment Roadmaps: A framework for building clean energy economies

This framework offers a blueprint for the enhanced collaboration between policy and investment communities that will be needed if we are to deliver the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.

7 July 2020

Our partners at COP26

We are proud members and supporters of several organisations participating at the summit including:


Public-Private Partnerships as the building blocks for action on Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)
8 November 2021
Panel discussion with Impax CEO Ian Simm at the Sustainable Innovation Forum at COP26

Economist Sustainability Week: Countdown to COP
4 October 2021
Chris Dodwell discussed actions that governments, finance and corporates need to take to get on track for global net zero

CleanTechIQ: Climate Forum
15 September 2021
Ian Simm and Julie Gorte shared insights regarding climate risk and net zero, as well as investor expectations for COP26

Impax Climate Symposium
29 June 2021
Our global event featured panel sessions focused on the opportunities and risks for investors around energy, water, and net zero

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