Executive summary

  • Meeting the targets agreed in the Paris Agreement will require all governments to stimulate investment into clean energy economies, ideally using their Covid-19 recovery plans to jump-start this transition.
  • Most of this investment will need to come from the private sector but efforts to mobilise private finance have so far been a source of frustration – for investors concerned about the lack of project pipeline, for policy makers trying to attract capital at scale, and for multilateral development banks (MDBs) seeking to bridge the gap between these two groups.
  • Our Clean Investment Roadmaps framework reflects 20 years’ experience of how policy makers can address this challenge by setting out five key steps they should take:
    1. Agree and publish clear sectoral objectives and investment requirements
    2. Build understanding within government of sector and project economics
    3. Implement investment-grade policy at all levels: sectoral, indirect and investment
    4. Provide implementation resources that address local circumstances and barriers
    5. Initiate a clean investment dialogue at the start of the process
  • This framework offers a blueprint for the enhanced collaboration between policy and investment communities that will be needed if we are to deliver the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.
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