Justin Winter Water podcast with Daniel Morris of BNPP

11 January 2021

Synopsis: A finite resource in ever growing demand, water represents a durable growth area in both developed markets suffering from underinvestment and emerging markets in need of more infrastructure. As the appreciation of quality water and improved food and health standards grows – not least in the wake of the COVID crisis – so should our endorsement of the breadth of investment opportunities the sector offers. Portfolio manager Justin Winter at Impax Asset Management explains.

Impax Speaker: Justin Winter, Director, Portfolio Manager.

Playback Link: https://investors-corner.bnpparibas-am.com/investing/market-weekly-water-water-everywhere-and-in-your-portfolio-podcast/

Cleantech IQ Webinar – Canadian Asset Owner Webinar #2

24 November 2020

Synopsis: Lisa Beauvilain, Head of Sustainability & ESG, spoke at Cleantech IQ’s Webinar on Canadian Asset Owners on November 24th. Lisa had the opportunity to discuss how to decarbonize portfolios, assess climate risks and capitalize on the transition to a more sustainable economy. Specifically, the discussion provided insight on how North American asset owners can utilize sustainable frameworks such as the TCFD and the EU Taxonomy to accomplish net zero portfolio investments.

Impax Speaker: Lisa Beauvilain, Head of Sustainability & ESG, Executive Director.

Playback Link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/recording/5222405765225354768

Building Back Better webinar

10 November 2020

Synopsis: Our CEO Ian Simm featured on a panel with The Economist discussing “What role does impact investing have in the desire to ‘build back better’?”.

Impax Speaker: Ian Simm, Founder & CEO.

Playback Link: https://response.economistevents.com/build-back-better-content

Agne Rackauskaite Food podcast with Daniel Morris of BNPP

2 November 2020

Synopsis: Changing awareness is driving a shift in consumers’ relationship with food, limiting their appetite for animal products and boosting their interest in the environmental, social and health aspects of what ends up on their plates. Food industry research analyst Agne Rackauskaite talks to Chief Market Strategist Daniel Morris about the numerous opportunities this greater consciousness is creating in food investing.

Impax Speaker: Agne Rackauskaite, Associate Director, Research Analyst.

Playback Link: https://investors-corner.bnpparibas-am.com/investing/market-weekly-greener-becomes-prominent-on-food-investing-menu-podcast/

ESG Investment Europe by Reuters

2 November 2020

Synopsis: Ian Simm contributes to the environmental leader’s panel, to discuss the rapid evolution of financially material environmental factors.

Impax Speaker: Ian Simm, Founder & CEO.

Playback Link: Video (Plays in a new window)

Cleantech IQ Webinar – Canadian Asset Owner Webinar #1

29 July 2020

Synopsis: Impax Asset Management Chief Executive Ian Simm was invited to participate in a CleanTechIQ webinar with Canadian asset owners on July 29 to discuss how we invest in the transition to a lower carbon economy. The conversation focused on how to incorporate climate risk scenario analysis strategies within portfolio management, integrate low carbon themes such as energy efficiency and renewable energy and identify and manage physical climate and transition risks.

Impax Speaker: Ian Simm, Founder & CEO

Playback Link: https://impaxam.com/news-and-views/blog/webinar-an-introduction-to-engagement-at-impax/

Engagement Webinar

8 July 2020

Synopsis: During this webinar, experts from Impax Asset Management Ltd. (“Impax Ltd.”) and the U.S. subsidiary Impax Asset Management LLC (“Impax LLC”) explained: why and how we engage, our engagement areas of focus, the impacts of some of our most successful engagements, and where we’ll turn our focus for future engagements.

Impax Speaker: Chris Dodwell, Head of Policy and Advocacy, Julie Gorte, Ph.D., Senior Vice President for Sustainable Investing, Lisa Beauvilain, Head of Sustainability & ESG, Executive Director.

Playback Link: https://impaxam.com/news-and-views/blog/webinar-an-introduction-to-engagement-at-impax/

TII Virtual Coffee Break Series – CIO Discussion on Risk and Opportunities

25 June 2020

Synopsis: The Investment Institute invited our Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Ian Simm, to moderate a discussion with distinguished asset owners and allocators on navigating the post COVID-19 investment landscape – from both public and private market perspectives. The discussion explored how manager due-diligence might be changing due to current circumstances, as well as tackling resiliency of various sectors and companies in a post-COVID world.

Impax Speaker: Ian Simm, Founder & CEO

Playback Link: https://theinvestmentinstitute.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Prior-Recordings-for-TII-Website-as-of-6-26-20.pdf

CleantechIQ Webinar: Fixed Income

4 June 2020

Synopsis: CleanTechIQ invited Peter Schwab, High Yield Portfolio Manager, to speak at this year’s ESG in Fixed Income & Finance Forum. The discussion explored how accessing fixed income through a sustainability lens can create value as well as avoid risk sustainable economy.

Impax Speaker: Peter Schwab, High Yield Portfolio Manager

Playback Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/6232419341696213761

ESG and Impact Investing Webinar – D.A.CH

10 June 2020

Synopsis: David Winborne, Director, Senior Portfolio Manager at Impax Asset Management presented at IPE’s second DACH ESG webinar of 2020. In this insightful webinar, industry expects presented on a variety of topics including measuring the net impact of your investments through a machine learning-enabled quantification model as well as why companies that operate sustainability have better prospects for the future. David’s presentation focused specifically on the opportunities arising from the transition to a sustainable economy: The winners and losers from the transition to a ‘new normal’ in response to the Covid-19 pandemic; how ESG and impact play into the Impax process; and an investor’s view through the Impax Sustainability Lens.

Impax Speaker: David Winborne, Senior Portfolio Manager

Playback Link: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/2163/410395
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