In the autumn of 2018, Impax partnered with Swedish public pension fund Sjunde AP-fonden, “AP7” to investigate how best to assess, measure and report on water impact.

Water is of particular interest to both organisations; Impax has been investing in companies providing water solutions for more than two decades, including through funds based on its dedicated thematic Water strategy. It has reported on positive water outputs in its annual Impact Report and was already planning to provide more granularity and local context for its clients. AP7, meanwhile, has identified water as one of three systemic environmental risks but at the same time has recognised it as its “least known top priority”.

This report and the partnership between AP7 and Impax offer an investment practitioner’s perspective that will contribute to the investment industry’s understanding of water as a sustainability and impact topic.

The report focuses on water solutions and effective water impact measurement and provides practical learnings, case studies and recommendations. The central topics the report seeks to address are:

  • Current status and context
  • Water innovation and solutions
  • Measuring water impact: current methodologies
  • Measuring water impact: towards decision-grade metrics and reporting
  • The role of investors

Together Impax and AP7 have engaged with leading water companies and water organisations to identify existing gaps, to create case studies of water companies and of water experts.

The report presents a case study of “net” water impact measurement, including the local water context. It also includes practical observations and lessons learned throughout the partnership project on water impact measurement and guidelines for effective engagement.

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