Resource Optimisation is a topic of increasing interest to long term investors given the potential impact on and opportunity for their portfolios. This White Paper is one of a series from Impax Asset Management that provides investors with a framework to incorporate the latest thinking on Resource Optimisation into their overall portfolio strategy. 

From the time of Malthus [1], concerns that the supply of energy, water, food, materials and other resources would fail to meet the needs of a rising world population have been unfounded. However, there is now compelling evidence that we have reached a tipping point beyond which the vailability and/or the price of these resources is likely to restrict access unless there are significant improvements in the efficiency of supply and use. Impax Asset Management believes that a revolution in efficiency has already begun and is creating unprecedented opportunities for investors.

[1] Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus FRS, 1766 – 1834

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