At Impax, the investment strategies we manage are designed to intentionally allocate clients’ capital towards those companies we expect to benefit as the global economy transitions to a more sustainable model. Our impact reporting shows how this intention is translated into action.

Measuring the net CO2 impact of the companies within Impax portfolios helps us to demonstrate their contribution to the transition to a lower-carbon economy. We believe comparison with real-world comparators, including estimates of the greenhouse gas emissions intensity of the global economy under scenarios compatible with limiting temperature rise to 1.5°C and 2°C, helps to providing context and challenge.

We continue to develop our impact reporting approach through our own research and in response to feedback from our stakeholders. For each investment strategy, we consider its specific investment objectives when identifying the most relevant impact metrics to measure and report on. We have continued to expand our reporting to include additional strategies and metrics, including for social impact as well as for environmental impact.

We also map Impax’s strategies to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to indicate their level of alignment with this framework. We do so by identifying the proportion of portfolio companies’ revenues related to activities described by the targets within each Goal. The nature of Impax’s investment philosophy results in some meaningful exposure to the SDGs as a by-product of the investment process.

Explore the latest impact reporting for our investment strategies in the Impact @ Impax Report 2022 report

We continue to refine our impact reporting alongside emerging industry reporting frameworks to assist clients in better understanding the outcomes of their investment choices


Lisa Beauvilain

Global Head of Sustainability & Stewardship

Lisa heads the global sustainability and stewardship team at Impax. She is responsible for the oversight and development of sustainability research and methodologies, including the Impax Sustainability Lens and the firm’s proprietary ESG analysis, as well as overseeing Impax’s stewardship work. She is the Chair of Impax’s ESG and Sustainability Lens committees and Co-Heads the firm’s impact investment work.

Lisa joined Impax in 2010. She started working in the financial industry in 1999 and previously worked as an executive director in the Investment Management Division of Goldman Sachs in London.

She is actively participating in industry working groups and advisory councils furthering sustainable practices within corporate governance, climate, diversity and ESG standard setting in several external industry organisations.

Lisa has an MSc in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics as well as an MSc in Finance from the Hanken School of Economics, Finland.

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