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‘Weeding out’ not-quite-so green bonds

The additionality and environmental credentials of each issuance must be scrutinised.

25 Jan 2023
ByAnthony Trzcinka, CFA®Greg Hasevlat

Natural selection: the investment case for addressing biodiversity loss

In this Q&A, Lisa Beauvilain and Chris Dodwell explain why biodiversity loss is critically important for investors to consider, and how investment opportunities are arising from reducing pressure on the natural world.

20 Jan 2023
ByChris DodwellLisa Beauvilain

Outlook 2023: Why testing times call for sustainable solutions

The macroeconomic backdrop in 2023 will be a real test for companies, with the impetus for authentic solutions to sustainability challenges being greater than ever.

12 Dec 2022
ByCharles FrenchKirsteen MorrisonNathan Moser, CFA®Chris DodwellJulie Gorte, Ph.D.Charlie Donovan

Outlook 2022: The journey towards a sustainable economy takes flight

From ambitious climate pledges to inflationary and supply chain pressures, here are the key themes that we believe will shape global markets over the coming year.

8 Dec 2021
ByBruce Jenkyn-JonesHubert AartsChris DodwellJulie Gorte, Ph.D.Joseph KeefeKirsteen MorrisonOscar Yang
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