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Disclosure Is Trending

Heather Smith discusses progress on board diversity and pay equity engagements, as well as companies’ new willingness to disclose employee demographic data — what’s driving that and why she hopes it will become a long-term trend.

21 Jul 2021
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A Year of Awakenings

Joe Keefe reflects on 2020 and the hopeful signals for the year ahead.

14 Dec 2020
ByJoseph Keefe
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COVID-19 – Implications for the transition to a more sustainable economy

The contours of the post-COVID landscape are yet to fully come into focus. Unlike in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis however, there are clear signs that concerns about environmental issues have been elevated by what we have recently experienced.

10 Aug 2020

Investor statement on coronavirus response

We are co-operating with other investors to provide companies with a united message on our expectations of how they should respond to the Coronavirus. We have co-signed the Investor Statement on Coronavirus Response and would encourage other investors to do the same.

27 Mar 2020
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