You have selected to roll over your current SEP IRA Account into an Impax SEP-IRA or Traditional IRA Account. Before completing the necessary forms, please read the Prospectus and the Agreement carefully and then choose one or more of the Impax investment options. Investors may rollover into mutual funds for their IRA accounts using either the Individual Investor or Class A shares.

Option 1:

If you wish to authorize the transfer of your SEP-IRA directly to an Impax SEP or Traditional IRA.

Download Documents:

Option 2:

If you have received a check payable to you from a SEP IRA that you wish to roll over to an Impax SEP or Traditional IRA within 60 days.

Download Documents:

Upon receipt of your initial contribution, Impax will mail you a confirmation with your account number and the number of shares purchased. If you have any questions, or need assistance completing the appropriate forms, please contact Shareholder Services at 800.767.1729, Monday – Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM ET.

Important Notice for Investors:

All accounts in Class A shares, which are available in the Impax US Sustainable Economy, Small Cap, High Yield Bond and Global Environmental Markets funds must be opened through an investment advisor, approved broker/dealer or other financial intermediary.

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