Elizabeth Surkovic

Director, Impax Environmental Markets plc.

Ms Surkovic has worked for 30 years in environmental policy making and regulation in the private and public sectors and is now focused on the interface of science and policy. This background and experience provides her with a deep knowledge of many of the areas supporting environmental technology investments. During her career, she has been at the forefront of developing and delivering environmental policy in Europe and the UK as well as working globally with groups such as OECD. She is currently head of policy at the Royal Society and her work there includes providing solutions on net zero as well as investigating a range of novel technologies and their impact on humanity. Her work and teams have won awards and prizes.

Prior to working at the Royal Society, she was a senior civil servant for HM Government in several Departments including the Cabinet Office, BEIS, Defra and the Government Office for Science. Before joining the civil service, Ms Surkovic was a Director of the Chemical Industries Association.

She is a continuing policy fellow at University of Cambridge’s Centre for Science and Policy and a member of its admissions board.

Ms Surkovic holds a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from Birmingham University.

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