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Q&A with Joe Keefe: Renaming the Pax World Funds

22 Nov 2022

Introducing the Pax Scholarship Program

22 Nov 2022


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Global Opportunities Strategy

We believe the transition to a more sustainable global economy provides a helpful backdrop to construct high conviction, low turnover equity portfolios that are well positioned to achieve long term capital growth.

Leaders Strategy

All-cap global equities with material exposure to Environmental Markets.

US Environmental Leaders Strategy

All-cap US equities with material exposure to Environmental Markets.

US Large Cap Strategy

Focused on companies with strong prospects and attractive valuations.

Pax World Funds

Mutual funds focusing on the investment risks and opportunities arising from the transition to a more sustainable global economy.

Stemming biodiversity loss

Investors have an important role to play in tackling the global biodiversity crisis.

Impact @ Impax 2022

In this, our eighth annual Impact @ Impax report, we again look to quantify the environmental benefits delivered by the companies in our investment portfolios.


By enabling innovative treatments to be brought to market quicker, we believe partners to the pharmaceutical industry can make a material contribution to addressing some of the world’s most severe healthcare issues.

For professional investors only

International financial systems were designed to move massive volumes of hydrocarbons around the world – and it’s succeeded. Next, we need to adapt a global system to meet global needs, powered by electricity.

For professional investors only

We’ve joined @FAIRRInitiative by calling on @FAO to align the food sector with a 1.5°C pathway. This roadmap will help investors identify sustainable investment opportunities – helping to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

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