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Liquid asset: transforming water from a systemic and unpriced global risk to a measurable opportunity

Water is a human necessity, but it is also a systemic and unpriced global challenge with significant economic and societal risks.

22 Mar 2021

China’s Five-Year Plan: a missed opportunity or more to come?

Big things were expected on the climate agenda at the National People’s Congress. So how did environmental objectives fair, and do we now have more clarity on China’s route to net zero?

18 Mar 2021

To Find Climate Change Solutions, Add Diversity

A growing body of research shows that when it comes to creating solutions to climate change, gender diversity matters.

9 Mar 2021


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Global Opportunities Strategy

We believe the transition to a more sustainable global economy provides a helpful backdrop to construct high conviction, low turnover equity portfolios that are well positioned to achieve long term capital growth.

Gender Lens Investing

Environmental Markets

Pax World Funds

Mutual funds focusing on the investment risks and opportunities arising from the transition to a more sustainable global economy.

Impact @ Impax 2020

Physical Climate Risks

Designing a resilient response to the inevitable impact of climate change


The Impax Private Equity/Infrastructure team has completed the sale of the largest operational solar farm in the Netherlands. You can watch our case study film here

Darren Johnson, COO of Listed Equities talks to @InvestmentWeek about the words he has chosen that best portray his identity as part of the #IAM campaign.

In this article to celebrate World Water Day, Lisa Beauvilain, Head of Sustainability & ESG, previews a new piece of research in partnership with @AP7se that aims to provide “real-life water impact” insights. #worldwaterday

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