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Impax Founder and Chief Executive Ian Simm and host Leah Wood kick off the event with welcome remarks and a review of our client survey results. These include your views and predictions on future asset allocations, investment case drivers, net zero commitments and stakeholder expectations.

The first session features Casey Forester of Impax hosting Birgitte Ringstad Vartdal of Statkraft and Chad Plotkin of Clearway Energy for a discussion on the evolution of renewable assets, how the sector has changed, and opportunities and risks for investors.

Lisa Beauvilain of Impax hosts Flora Gaber of AP7 and Gustavo Oberto of Lindsay Corporation to discuss the opportunities in managing changing water resources, the impact of water investments, and the evolving landscape of water solutions.

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Water: from a systemic and unpriced risk to a measurable opportunity with positive impact

30 Jun 2021

Chris Dodwell of Impax hosts Chris Varco of Cambridge Associates and Mindy Lubber of Ceres to discuss the underlying aims of net zero commitments, and how to meet those aims.

Catch up with the Impax team by watching these short updates.

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