Healthcare Realty Trust, Inc. (HR)

Healthcare Realty Trust, Inc. is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that integrates owning, managing, financing and developing properties associated with the delivery of clinical and outpatient healthcare services throughout the United States.

Healthcare Realty has taken numerous steps to improve the environmental profile of its portfolio of properties. The company incorporates sustainable design and building materials when it develops and re-develops medical office buildings, and some of its properties have achieved LEED certification.

The company benchmarks energy and water consumption for 85% of its total portfolio and has installed real-time electricity monitoring equipment and programming at 57 properties to track consumption trends and identify opportunities for improvement. At those properties, this monitoring has resulted in an average reduction in electricity use of 25% since 2015. The company also reports reduced greenhouse gas emissions across its monitored portfolio over the same time period.

In 2019, Healthcare Realty Trust published its inaugural Corporate Responsibility Report, offering greater transparency about its management of sustainability issues than is typical of smaller healthcare REITs.

HomeTrust Bancshares Inc (HTBI)

HomeTrust Bancshares, through its banking subsidiary, is a federally chartered mutual savings bank that provides a range of retail and commercial banking products.

The company’s products can help people save for the future, build their wealth and obtain access to capital. In 2019, retail consumer loans comprised ~43% of the company’s loan portfolio.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, HomeTrust announced multiple relief programs for both individual and business customers, including payment deferrals, waived late fees, suspension of foreclosures and repossessions, access to government-sponsored lending programs as well as various other tailored solutions. The retail banking team has also proactively reached out to many customers.

Extreme Networks Inc. (EXTR)

Extreme Networks, Inc. offers software-driven networking solutions for information technology departments, with a focus on connections with customers, partners and employees. The company’s line of business includes wired to wireless, desktop to datacenter, on premises and through the cloud, and insourced call-in technical support to organizations.

The company’s products have social and productivity benefits, enable innovation and address technological challenges. For example, product use includes support for remote learning, enabling secure and scalable hospital IT infrastructure and rapid business connectivity, such as establishing temporary remote office locations.

There is strong female representation on the board of directors (29%) and in senior leadership (25%). Extreme Networks has also created a new employee resource group, Black@Extreme (BEX), which aims to facilitate workplace diversity by embracing cultural, ethnic and racial differences.

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