European Investment Bank Climate Awareness Bonds

The EIB issued the world’s first green bond, labelled a Climate Awareness Bond (CAB), in 2007. Use of proceeds from the bonds match disbursements to EIB lending projects contributing to climate action through renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation – Social Bond

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations in four core program areas: higher learning, arts and culture, public knowledge, and humanities in place. The Foundation is currently engaged in an unprecedented round of emergency grantmaking in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic and its ongoing effects on nonprofits around the world.

U.S. International Development Finance Corp.

DFC is America’s development bank and partners with the private sector to finance solutions to the most critical challenges facing the developing world. The agency recently issued the first U.S. government-backed investment vehicle to support women’s economic empowerment in emerging markets. Specifically, the use of proceeds from the bond will enable lending for micro, small, and medium enterprises owned by women in Ecuador. It is expected to reach more than 53,000 female entrepreneurs in the first five years of the project.

Mosaic Solar Loan Trust Asset Backed Securities

Mosaic Solar Loan Asset Backed Securities are the securitization of loans to finance the purchase and installation of residential solar power generation systems. Projects financed may include solar energy systems, energy storage to accompany solar energy systems, and general energy efficiency retrofits, all of which enable the adoption of solar power generation by households otherwise dependent on fossil fuel sources of energy.

Fannie Mae Green Mortgage Backed Securities

Fannie Mae Green MBS provide mortgage financing to apartment buildings and cooperatives to finance energy and water efficiency property improvements.

Pax Core Bond Fund Top Ten Holdings

(As of 03/31/2021)
 Portfolio %
United States Treasury Note, 1.875%, 2/15/41 2.60
United States Treasury Note, 0.500%, 2/28/26 2.10
United States Treasury Note, 1.625%, 11/15/50 1.80
United States Treasury Note, 0.375%, 2/29/28 1.60
European Investment Bank, 3.25%, 1/29/24 1.20
International Bank For Reconstruction & Development, 1.625%, 1/15/25 1.10
United States Treasury Note, 0.375%, 7/15/27 1.10
Kfw Bankengruppe, 3.125%, 12/15/21 1.00
European Investment Bank, 0.25%, 9/15/23 0.90
United States Treasury Note, 0.125%, 4/15/22 0.90

Holdings are subject to change.


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