Here are several Pax Core Bond Fund fixed income securities that we believe are promoting positive community or environmental outcomes:

PNC Financial Services Group Green Bonds

PNC Green Bonds fund projects that promote a transition to a low-carbon economy and offer sustainability benefits in three categories: (1) renewable energy, (2) energy efficiency, and (3) green buildings.

Capital Impact Partners

Capital Impact Partners channels investor capital to high-impact community development initiatives, including affordable housing, cooperative development, dignified aging, education, healthcare, healthy foods and place-based revitalization.

U.S. International Development Finance Corp.

First U.S. government-backed investment vehicle to support women’s economic empowerment in emerging markets.

Mosaic Solar Loan Trust Asset Backed Securities

Securitization of loans made to consumers to finance the purchase and installation of residential solar power generation systems and related items or services.

Fannie Mae Green Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS)

Fannie Mae Green MBS provide mortgage financing to apartment buildings and cooperatives to finance energy and water efficiency property improvements.

Pax Core Bond Fund Top Ten Holdings

(As of 08/31/2020)
 Portfolio %
United States Treasury Note, 1.25%, 05/15/50 3.00
United States Treasury Note, 1.125%, 05/15/40 2.00
United States Treasury Note, 0.25%, 06/30/25 1.30
European Investment Bank, 3.25%, 1/29/24 1.20
International Bank For Reconstruction & Development, 1.625%, 1/15/25 1.20
United States Treasury Note, 0.375%, 7/15/27 1.20
United States Treasury Note, 0.5%, 06/30/27 1.10
Kfw Bankengruppe, 3.125%, 12/15/21 1.00
European Investment Bank, 0.25%, 9/15/23 1.00
United States Treasury Note, 0.125%, 4/15/22 0.90

Holdings are subject to change.


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