CleanTechIQ – Impax’s Senior Vice President for Sustainable Investing, Julie Gorte, is quoted in this article about the role investors can play in restoring biodiversity.

Biodiversity is starting to attract attention from progressive-minded pensions and investors looking for more impact investments and to reduce their portfolio’s carbon emissions. This in-depth article, Investors Turn Their Attention to Biodiversity Investing, delves into the following topics:

  • The key drivers of investor interest in biodiversity investing
  • What investors are doing now to make a positive contribution to biodiversity
  • The market for biodiversity strategies and innovative nature-based solutions
  • Key challenges holding investors back from deploying more capital to biodiversity

At Impax, we have incorporated biodiversity into our Impax Sustainability Lens proprietary tool, designed to categorize the risks and opportunities in each industry as they pertain to the transition to a more sustainable economy.

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