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How Does Biodiversity Investing Measure Up?


5 Aug 2022

Impax profits jump as sustainable fund house shrugs off turbulence

Financial Times

1 Jun 2022

Investors Turn Their Attention to Biodiversity Investing


27 May 2022

REPowerEU plans must include protection for nature, experts warn

Responsible investor

19 May 2022

US HY Bond Issuers Proceed with Caution


6 May 2022

Will a focus on security help or hinder the global energy transition?

Infrastructure Investor

1 May 2022

Impax: Investing in a sped-up energy transition after Ukraine

Citywire Funds Fanatic Show podcast

14 Apr 2022

High Yield Funds Get ESG Treatment

ESG Clarity

8 Apr 2022

Market Call with PM Andrew Braun


6 Apr 2022

Fears Rise Over ‘Greenwash’ Bonds

Financial Times

21 Mar 2022

A Sneak Peek at the SEC’s Climate Disclosure Proposal

Financial Times

18 Mar 2022

VIDEO: Impax has won the award for best asset manager, sustainable investing in the Morningstar Awards for Investing Excellence 2022


16 Mar 2022

Ceres offers help for investors to assess net-zero

Pensions & Investments

14 Mar 2022

As The War Worsens, Renewable Stocks Are Surging


1 Mar 2022

Russia Invasion Sparks Renewable Energy Stock Gains


24 Feb 2022

David Kempton: Green picks to exploit the energy madness

Citywire Investment Trust Insider

22 Feb 2022

Investors, Policymakers Urged to Raise Ambition Ahead of COP15

ESG Investor

21 Feb 2022

Providing ESG solutions that meet the needs of your clients

Investor Daily

17 Feb 2022

Watt+Volt, Impax JV for Greek solar PV 

IJ Global

16 Feb 2022

Impax Asset Management, Bullfinch to launch joint renewables platform

Clean energy pipeline

15 Feb 2022