At Impax we believe global sustainability challenges, particularly climate change, pollution, inadequate infrastructure, resource scarcity and rising inequality, will shape markets profoundly. We believe these challenges, will drive the transition toward a more sustainable global economy, and lead to outperformance for well-positioned companies.

We developed the Impax Sustainability lens (‘Sustainability Lens’) in 2014 to provide our investment teams with a dynamic tool to analyse the broader economy and capture the risks and opportunities associated with this transition.

The Sustainability Lens comprises eight categories of opportunity and nine categories of risk and provides each MSCI GICS sub-industry a relative score against each of these categories. The tool is incorporated into the investment process of several of Impax’s equity and fixed income strategies.

This paper covers:

  • Impax’s investment philosophy and the reasons behind the creation of the Sustainability Lens.
  • The collaborative and dynamic Sustainability Lens process and how it complements bottom-up company analysis.
  • Insight into how the data behind the Sustainability Lens helps our investment teams identify high opportunity, low risk companies in an ever-changing world.
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