Bob Helmuth

Vice President, Business Development

Bob Helmuth is Vice President, Business Development, at Impax Asset Management LLC, the North American division of Impax Asset Management Group and investment adviser to Pax World Funds.

Bob is responsible for maintaining and advancing a wide range of stakeholder constituency relationships, with a focus on financial advisors across the nation who specialize in sustainable investing. He is a member of the firm’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.

Prior to joining the firm in 2001, Bob served in marketing management positions with companies in the cable television industry, including ESPN, Daniels & Associates, Cablevision Industries and Starz Media Group.

Bob earned a Master of Science in public communication from Boston University and a Bachelor of Arts from Colgate University. He serves on the stewardship council of Boulder.Earth and is a former founding board member of CORE Colorado, a sustainable trade association for businesses and organizations in that state. Bob is a member of the SRI Conference Advisory Board and serves on the strategic outreach committee of US SIF. He is a registered representative of Foreside Financial Services, LLC. Bob is based in Boulder County, Colorado.

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