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‘Weeding out’ not-quite-so green bonds

The additionality and environmental credentials of each issuance must be scrutinised.

25 Jan 2023

Natural selection: the investment case for addressing biodiversity loss

In this Q&A, Lisa Beauvilain and Chris Dodwell explain why biodiversity loss is critically important for investors to consider, and how investment opportunities are arising from reducing pressure on the natural world.

20 Jan 2023

What is Sustainable Allocation? A balancing act in turbulent times

After a challenging year for both equities and bonds, have traditional approaches to asset allocation had their day?

5 Jan 2023


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Global Opportunities Strategy

We believe the transition to a more sustainable global economy provides a helpful backdrop to construct high conviction, low turnover equity portfolios that are well positioned to achieve long term capital growth.

Leaders Strategy

All-cap global equities with material exposure to Environmental Markets.

US Environmental Leaders Strategy

All-cap US equities with material exposure to Environmental Markets.

US Large Cap Strategy

Focused on companies with strong prospects and attractive valuations.

Impax Funds

Mutual funds focusing on the investment risks and opportunities arising from the transition to a more sustainable global economy.

Stemming biodiversity loss

Investors have an important role to play in tackling the global biodiversity crisis.

Impact @ Impax 2022

In this, our eighth annual Impact @ Impax report, we again look to quantify the environmental benefits delivered by the companies in our investment portfolios.


.@climateactiontr estimates current 2030 climate targets would only limit global temperature rises to 2.4°C. Targeted policies are needed to drive progress and attract necessary private capital to get on track for 1.5°C.

For professional investors only:

Investment opportunities are emerging to reduce pressure on biodiversity – although nature restoration is proving tricker. Read more from Lisa Beauvilain and @chris_dodwell

For professional investors only:

We recently released our TCFD Report, disclosing how we identify, assess and manage exposure to climate-related risks and opportunities.

For professional investors only:

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